Visual Performance

Dr. Wylie’s experience in undergraduate school (read Dr. Wylie’s Story) of losing the ability to stay awake when studying as well as losing comprehension of what he read changed the course of his Optometry career literally before it began. Dr. Wylie notes, “It became crystal clear (pun intended) to me how closely linked were my reading efficiency and visual efficiency. An integral component of the comprehensive visual examination is evaluating a patient’s eye coordination.

Accuracy of eye movement, ease of focusing and the ability to sustain eye coordination can be extremely important for successful school work, work speed and accuracy as well as sports performance. During the examination these different areas are screened and if there are any concerns further testing will be scheduled for an in depth evaluation into what different treatment options are available. (read about Vision therapy and Yoked Prisms).

What do our patients think? Read what Joannie has to say about how Dr. Wylie helped her children:

Last January 2016 a friend, knowing I had two sons who experience difficulty learning, told me I had to use my tax return or save whatever penny necessary, but that I had to take them to see Dr. Wylie who
had done so much for her daughter whom I previously taught. I am a math teacher who previously homeschooled my six children. Because their challenges, becoming well versed in dyslexia and Special Ed programs, as well as implementing various accommodations, I thought I was doing as much as anyone could do and that if my boys would just stop complaining and put a little effort into actually trying, they might just learn something!

Prior to going to Dr. Wylie, our nights were full of “I hate school.” “This is dumb.” “Why do I have to learn this?” “I’ll never get school. “ Grueling comments nightly. I was mentally exhausted.

Looking up Dr. Wylie’s website, I was captivated. I immediately scheduled my younger son, Greg (15 yrs. old) for an appointment. He is good at most everything he sets his mind to… except anything school related. Reading was almost impossible. He could read, but certainly not well and way behind grade level. It took him so much effort and he would usually quit before one paragraph was done. My daughter and I would take him and his older brother and between us we would tag team our efforts at night helping them get their homework done. The nights were miserable and always a battle.

Driving to Greg’s first appointment, I was besieged with a litany of complaints: “I don’t need glasses. I have 20/20 vision. I don’t want to go. This is stupid. This is a waste of time, etc.” I told him that it would be my last effort at helping him overcome school troubles and that if Dr. Wylie couldn’t help him,
Then we would just accept having such a hard time in school would always be his lot in life… that I had run out of ideas and would raise the white flag.

Advance the picture 90 minutes late to Greg, tearing up in looking at an “X”, the fact that when he put on one of three prism glasses, he, with 20/20 vision, could now see. Excuse me? Now “see”? Come again? That didn’t make any sense. But Greg was all excited as something clicked. Greg could see the difference and I could see it in him too! Walking to our car after that appointment, Greg turns to me saying, “Mom, if I could pay any amount of money, even if it be millions of dollars, and come back tomorrow and get those glasses, I would!” In the same drive home, Greg who had earlier hollered and promised me that he was going to quit school, asks “How much schooling do you think it takes to become an eye doctor like Dr. Wylie?” My thoughts scream, “Really? After just one visit and you go from thinking this appointment to be a waste of time to wanting to become a doctor knowing it will take EXTRA schooling? God bless Dr. Wylie!”

The therapy times with Bianca, Greg actually enjoys. He comes out from them looking like he has been awake for days so tired are his eyes. Does he hate it? Nope. Greg does his eye therapy homework, well… most days. He looks forward to seeing Bianca for the weekly therapy times. He says the prism glasses make him less tired. He sees more clearly. (Remember he has 20/20!) He no longer gets car sick. Reading and taking an active part in school he is willing to do and he actually does much of his homework himself. Dr. Wylie did counsel that because he is older, while his vision improves quickly, catching up in schooling will take additional time.

So what do I notice after having gone for the past 6 months? His confidence and willingness to do schoolwork without arguing. His comprehension has increased, his grades have gone up and willingness to do more school for himself. His other teachers say they also see and eagerness in Greg to tackle his studies and a new desire to learn believing that he can in fact learn.

In the end, five of our six children are benefitting from Dr. Wylie and the services of his staff. Only on daughter doesn’t need it. The children all know they are doing better because of our time there. There are many “A-HA moments. After weekly therapy session, I, myself, am eager to hear about their accomplishments and new homework exercises and awed by the outcome of them. I really appreciate that the therapists always update me about each one’s progress. As Chris, another therapist once told me, “They all improve and in such a short amount of time!” We agree.

I am a huge proponent of vision therapy and because of seeing the results with my children and a teacher, I am frequently telling parents of the good that can be done it only they take their children to see Dr. Wylie too! Greg says, “Oh-oh, Mom is talking about Dr. Wylie and vision therapy again. It’s going to be a three hour wait!” But… it is that good! We even shared the book they gave us, “When Your Child Struggles- The Myth of 20/20 Vision” with our family doctor who asked to read it after all that I had told her about it. We have recommended several families to go check it out. So far two have gone with the same impressive result and two others are waiting to get in.

Returning to Ohio and Minnesota for a summer visit I, too, shared the vision therapy story with friends back there. One of the families there are receiving vision therapy from optometrists in their area and friends in MN are checking it out in their state too! I so wish we had hear of this sooner! It makes such a difference in the lives of our children and I bet it would do the same for you!

-Joannie S. (Spokane, WA)