Life is in the blood. We know that if our heart stops, our moments of life are quickly numbered. Blood flow for the whole body is crucial, but what are the impacts of blood flow regarding how it influences our precious gift of sight? What if there is something you can do to help your blood flow and it does not involved exercise?

To take a look at how blood flows in our capillaries and to see the effect chronic stress has on our capillary blood flow, I would urge you to go to the website of Rainer Klopp, MD, from Berlin, Germany. He is the medical director for the Institute for Microcirculation in Berlin. Here you will see a generalized discussion of microcirculation.

At the bottom of that page is a video coming from his institute. He has one of the only facilities in the world with equipment capable of viewing live blood flow at the capillary level. They looked at the blood flow in the colon of a twenty-seven year-old athlete under chronic stress. Age was certainly not a factor, but chronic stress definitely takes its toll.

There is a therapy available that can influence the blood flow quite successfully. Because this device is presently going through Class II certification with the FDA, I cannot name the device in this book. However, in Europe it is registered as a Class II device, meaning recognized as effective for nine different circulation related conditions. If you would like further information about this, please email me at I would be happy to provide additional information.

It has been quite amazing to see changes take place in people’s quality of life when they begin to experience the benefits of renewed increased microcirculation. One area in which we have seen some significant synergistic response is when we have combined increased blood flow while doing syntonic light therapy.

To me, this makes a great deal of sense. If we can increase blood flow while doing the syntonic light therapy treatment, it should be quite helpful. With the syntonics, one area we evaluate is a person’s near-point functional visual field or their ability to detect awareness of a change in their peripheral vision with each eye when looking at a near-point distance.

We have had numerous patients where we measure their near-point functional visual field, and it will show significant constriction. We then do the syntonic light therapy while the patient is receiving the benefit of increased blood flow. Eight minutes later when we measure their near-point functional visual field, we will often see quite a noticeable increase in how soon they are able to detect the target coming into view from their peripheral vision.

This has been particularly effective with a number of people with chronic stress who have seen significant changes within a matter of days. Before, it often could take several weeks before differences were observed.

The impacts of increased microcirculation are not only observed in our eyes and eyesight, but our whole bodies. I have noticed personally with this device that due to its ability to increase blood flow, it has been very helpful for both exercising and recovering from exercise.

I really enjoy playing Ultimate Frisbee. The game involves quite a bit of running back and forth. Now at age sixty, I will take anything I can get to help me try to hang in there with the younger people we play with. After a couple of hours of Ultimate Frisbee, I feel it. From the use of this device, by increasing the blood flow, I have noticed a significant increase in my recovery time. I am not nearly as sore as I normally would be.

Additionally, jet lag has been pretty much eliminated when using the device while flying. Having the ability to improve blood flow while sitting for hours on a plane is so helpful. This last spring my wife and I were coming back from a tour in Israel and were up for about 36 hours, sleeping about 5 hours during that time. We arrived in Spokane, went to bed and woke up at a normal time the next day and amazingly felt just fine. Another feature of the device is a patented sleep program which also is so helpful.

In addition to the sleep program, I will also use this device every morning. If it is going to be a morning of high-intensity interval training, I will use it for a few minutes right after I wake up and then do a ten- to fifteen-minute high-intensity interval training workout. I notice that it does allow me to increase the intensity of my workout during this time, no doubt due to the increased blood flow and oxygen-carrying capability that goes along with the increased blood flow.

Our whole extended family has found a number of benefits using this very simple yet profoundly effective device that is helping quality of life in so many ways. I look forward to my wife and I continuing to use it for the rest of our lives to help sustain blood flow the best we can.

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