This page is a review of the basic questions that parents need answers to, however, if you have additional questions we are here to help. We are accessible by telephone at (509) 535-5855 or by email at dtw@cet.com.

What is the first step for determining if my child needs Vision Therapy?

Your first step is calling to schedule your complimentary “Stop the Struggling Consultation” where you will discuss your child with one of our Vision Therapists. Your child will then need a current eye exam from either our office or another office to schedule the Visual Performance Evaluation (VPE). The VPE is where a vision therapist and Dr. Wylie thoroughly evaluate your child to see how his/her eyes are working together with the brain so that a plan of action can be recommended.

If my child has a Visual Performance Evaluation (VPE) will they be recommended for Vision Therapy?

Dr. Wylie is committed to do what is best for your child and he knows that every person has a different visual system, thus Dr. Wylie does extensive and thorough testing during the VPE to determine whether or not your child needs a vision therapy program. Dr. Wylie does not recommend a vision therapy program for every child, instead he often prescribes Syntonic Light Therapy and/or binary glasses in lieu of a therapy program. If a therapy program is recommended, it will be customized for your child’s needs.

How long should I expect the Visual Performance Evaluation (VPE) to take?

About an hour and half to two hours.

Will my insurance cover the Visual Performance Evaluation (VPE)?

The Visual Performance Evaluation (VPE) is generally billable to your major medical insurance and NOT vision insurance. The cost of the VPE depends on your medical insurance coverage. Our insurance specialist is happy to work with your insurance company before your scheduled visit so that you will know precisely how much you may be paying out of pocket.

If my child needs vision therapy, how long does Vision Therapy last?

If Dr. Wylie recommends a vision therapy program, the length is dependent on the severity of your child’s vision problem. A follow up consultation is scheduled after the Visual Performance Evaluation where our Vision Therapist Specialist will go over your child’s individualized therapy program. Most therapy programs consist of a one hour therapy session with a trained therapist once or twice a week for five to nine months. Additionally, Dr. Wylie will track and evaluate your child’s progress throughout the program, ensuring the most effective treatment possible.